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Former Planned Parenthood manager Abby Johnson’s amazing conversion story is well-known in the pro-life world: After visualizing an abortion on ultrasound, Abby walked out of her Bryan, Texas, PP clinic in October 2009 and walked into the Coalition for Life office headed by Shawn Carney, who now coleads the 40 Days for Life ministry.

abby-johnsonSince then Abby has never looked back, releasing the best-selling exposé, UnPLANNED, in 2011 and launching the And Then There Were None ministry last year.

ATTWN reaches out to abortion workers to encourage them to leave the trade.

To date ATTWN has helped 47 souls escape that bloody industry. ATTWN helps former clinic workers in four important ways, providing:

  • Up to three months of financial support after a worker resigns
  • Emotional support as often as needed during the transition time
  • A spiritual advisor of the former worker’s choosing
  • Legal counsel who will protect the worker’s interests at no cost during transition

Now Abby has announced Exodus 2013, the first annual “Leave the Abortion Industry” Day, on April 8. As explained on the group’s Pray for Day of Exodus 2013 Facebook page,”This is the designated day that employees of abortion clinics leave their jobs in pursuit of new careers, knowing they have support.”

ATTWN will promote the event with a targeted Facebook campaign as well as with fliers sent to abortion clinics nationwide. All communications are kept confidential.

Of course, abortion clinic workers shouldn’t feel like they need to wait. As noted on Exodus 2013′s Facebook page, “We’ve already been contacted by a clinic worker who doesn’t want to wait until April 8 to leave and she has quit already!”

Abortion clinics are fighting to hold on to their accomplices. Former workers have told Abby about emails and fliers clinics have distributed telling employees to avoid her. Obviously, working for an abortion clinic is not something most would aspire to. Getting and keeping hired help must be a full-time job, pardon the pun.

We don’t yet have the law on our side. But we can kill abortion by a thousand other cuts. One of those is those is depriving the abortion industry of people to do their dirty work. In the process, we are pulling them from the pit of hell.

Not coincidentally, “Exodus 2013″ was chosen because Exodus 20:13 states, “You shall not murder,” the fifth commandment.

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