I have previously pointed out in this space that G.K. Chesterton prophetically defended marriage and the family as the foundational institution of our society against all the present attacks and degradations of it. I am now going to point it out again. With last year’s loss in Minnesota on a constitutional amendment defending marriage, and the hundreds of thousands supporting traditional marriage in France today, the importance of this topic is something that we cannot possibly emphasize too much. And when we have at our disposal Chesterton’s incisive articulation of the truth, we should pick up this sword and swing it.

Chesterton anticipates the attack on marriage and even predicts: “the next great heresy will be an attack on morality, especially sexual morality.” Likewise, he says there will be a “fanatical hatred of morality, especially of Christian morality,” and it will be difficult even to discuss morality because immorality will purposely be made muddled and indefinite. “The heretics who defend sexual manias will never admit that they are anything but chaste.” He rightly says we have “passed the point of uncovering shame: and can only uncover shamelessness.”

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